Parent Questions


Questions and Feed - February 2017 


  • The Choir – appropriateness of song choice at Christmas Fayre and Christmas Over 70s evening meal at the Moorcock
  • Recorder Lessons – feedback that these should be free or at best subsidized
  • Parental Portal – I think a question has already been put forward and answered but I’ve been asked to ask the question again...  A parental portal primarily for secure communication and to reduce the use of paper.  Suggestion to also include photos of school activities and where parents can feedback online.


  • I have spoken to Sally about the song choice at the two events over Christmas. Some of the songs performed were specifically asked for by the children and indeed parents (the more modern ones) as they wanted to be a bit more current than in the past. I had only praise from the Blacko Events Committee and those present and never have I heard any disquiet about the song choice. The numbers in the choir would probably diminish if we did not give them a say in some of the songs that were sung.
  • Unfortunately we have had to cut the budget for music this year, along with other things due to the budget constraints that we and especially all small schools are suffering from at the moment. Therefore there is no chance of subsidizing Sally’s lessons as essentials such as books must come before individual tuition. We love pupils learning to play an instrument but we have never subsidized them and unfortunately will not be able to in the foreseeable future.
  • The idea of a parental portal came up in the homework questionnaires and I put this to the staff to get their opinion. The staff were totally against the idea, mainly because of other local schools that have tried it and abandoned it as it becomes a portal for negativity by a very small minority of parents. Some of the schools that have tried it, now have the ability to read every entry before they go live and regularly censor them.


We, as a school, have an open door policy where if you have any concerns you can come into school to air them.

Photos from the classrooms, events etc are updated on the school website

All e-mail addresses are on the school website (contacts) if you need to speak to a teacher out of school hours

Most letters are included in the school website and texting service informs parents of current and future events

Only five of the 60 parents wanted to be part of a parent/carer-  teacher forum