Class 3 Information

Class Teacher: Mr B Brown

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs J Cormack & Mrs L Hare


My name is Mr Brown and I will be the teacher in Class 3 this year. I am delighted to be teaching at Blacko Primary School and I am thouroughly enjoying my first term with your children in Class 3. We have got an exciting and challenging year ahead and I look forward to working with you to bring out the best in them. Throughout the year, if you ever wish to speak to me please do not hesitate to come up to the classroom or catch me around school. I am also available over email at


In our classroom, we are fortunate enough to be joined by our lovely teaching assistants Mrs Cormack and Mrs Hare and the brilliant Mrs Iannoccone will be teaching the class on Monday afternoons and Tuesday mornings.


Over this year, I aim to provide a happy, stimulating and collaborative environment where relationships between everyone are based on mutual trust, understanding and respect. Together, with your children and yourselves, I want to help each child to secure their personality in a positive and caring environment. In class and around school, I have incredibly high expectations of the children and regularly emphasise the importance of respect and working as a team.


The following moto was chosen by the pupils to best describe the environment, beliefs and drive of our classroom:








Autumn Term Curriculum



This term we will be learning about Instructions and the importance of order and clarity. This topic is themed around the rule of the Normans after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and includes a lesson on the technical vocabulary of a blacksmith at the time. The pupils will cover the difference between description and instruction, alongside learning about adverbs and imperative verbs. Accompanying the lessons, we have an interactive page to explore during the lessons, which provide an opportunity for the children to learn more about life in the eleventh century! As we approach Christmas, we will be completing lots of engaging work on non-fiction texts and poetry. We will learn about a range of poets and poetic techniques and we aim to use our creative minds to write our own poetry in the style of certain poets. Finally, we will begin to study story writing, which encompasses the learning of sensory language, figurative language and character analysis.

In our whole-class reading, we will be studying the amazing Anthony Horowitz and his spooky book Groosham Grange. We will then look at a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry to ensure a broad and balanced curriculum.



As part of the ‘Pick and Mix’ homework, I have attached 48 of the statutory spellings which the children are expected to know at the end of year 4. I have also attached the full spelling list for you as a reference. If the children are working on their spellings at home, please add this to their homework folder. In class, Mrs Iannaccone and I will be randomly testing them on those words throughout the term.



Within Class 3 we will be placing a high emphasis on the importance of our handwriting throughout the year. The expectation here is for all children to use joint cursive handwriting. The reasoning for this is because it helps with both spelling and overall pride in their work. During English lessons and morning challenges, the children may be given a handwriting task, which will be stuck in their red handwriting books along with their spellings.



We will begin the year by looking at place value and numbers to 1000 and 10,000. This will be followed by work on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will finish the Autumn term studying length and Fractions.



In the first half term the children will learn about living things and their habitats. We will specifically be looking at classification and how we can group organisms. We will be doing a lot of practical work in the school grounds and at the local recreational ground, where we will be studying the organisms living there. As Christmas approaches, we will begin to study Light, where the children will learn about how shadows are formed and how light is reflected from surfaces.



This term we will be focusing on competitive games, where the children will develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance. These games will be modified where appropriate and the children will aim to apply these principles to attacking and defending. We will begin the year focusing on Football, Netball and Handball, before moving on to Tag Rugby.



We will begin the year by developing an understanding of the history of music. The children will briefly study famous composers and songs of the Renaissance, before moving on to the Romantic and Classical periods. We will then focus our attention on modern and contemporary music, studying various music genres such as Jazz, Pop and Disco. Within this, we will complete some research on the most famous artists and songs of those eras. Later in the term, we will be playing, singing and performing in solo and ensemble contexts.



In RE, Mrs Iannaccone will be teaching the children about Islam and The Nativity Story.  In PSHE, the children will learn how to keep a positive mindset and how we can use this in all walks of life.



Spanish is also taught by Mrs Iannaccone, where the class will be covering a broad range of skills and topics including colours, songs and rhymes.



Our computing work begins at the latter stages of the term, where we will study how to use search technologies effectively, appreciating how results are selected and ranked.


History and Geography

In Geography, we will study the use of Natural Resources and the distribution of energy, food, minerals and water. We will link our learning to climate change and the children will gain a greater understanding of the environmental changes in the modern world. They will be able to explain the importance and varied role of natural resources such as light. In History, we will study the Stone Age and the Iron Age, looking specifically at Stonehenge and the story behind it.


Art & D.T.

In Art, we follow a fantastic scheme of work called ‘Art Express,’ where the children can experience a virtual reality art gallery and see their completed work on the interactive board. The scheme also allows us to look at other children’s’ work, which helps us understand what we are aiming to produce. Over the course of the term, we will be completing two units of art on drawing and painting.


Things to remember:

  • On Tuesdays, we have our PE lessons at the Leisure Box in Brierfield. Therefore, your child will need to wear their PE kit every Tuesday.
  • Every term, your child will receive a 'Pick and Mix' homework sheet, which outlines the tasks they will need to complete at home. This includes the weekly setting of reading, spelling and an English and Maths activity. We strongly encourage regular practice of spellings and times tables at home so the children can achieve superb scores on their tests!


Many thanks for your continued support.


Kind regards,


Mr B Brown                                                                                                                                                          

Class 3 Teacher


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