Class 1 Home Learning

 Home learning activities are to be completed each day and uploaded on to Tapestry so that we can check the learning and feedback to children as needed.


Home Learning Timetable - Week Commencing 25th January 2021

Home Learning Sheets - Week Commencing 25th January 2021




    Information and guides for parents



Watch the handwriting formation video via the link and practice writing the letter with your finger. Complete the relevant letter worksheet for each day.


    Handwriting Formation Videos


    Handwriting Worksheets

Day Letter
Monday c
Tuesday a
Wednesday d
Thursday g
Friday q





 Friday - Tricky word writing practice .pngDownload
 Monday - 'th' worksheet.pngDownload
 Thursday - 'ai' worksheet.pngDownload
 Tuesday - 'Sh' Worksheet.pngDownload
 Wednesday - 'ng' Worksheet.pngDownload
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Maths :

 Friday - Extension Task .pngDownload
 Friday - Finding one part of a whole.pngDownload
 Thursday - Extension .pngDownload
 Thursday- Finding one part of a whole.pngDownload
 Wednesday- Splitting the whole into more than 2 parts..pngDownload
 Wednesday-Extension Task .pngDownload
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English :

 Monday - Writing snail messages (Guide, do not need to print).pdfDownload
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Optional Additional Home Learning Activities:

 Oak National Trust 


When completing at home, we recommend you access the work on Tapestry first, but for additional work please use the oak National Trust learning resources. 

Link -

Challenge yourself!

Literacy Activities

   Phonics Games                             


  Phonics Phase 2 and 3 sound Mats


  Phonics Phase 4 and 5 sound Mats 



   Cursive Handwriting Practice


  Cursive Handwriting Model


        Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheets 



Reading Activities


    Abacus the Zone (Please ask for log in details)



Maths Activities


  Counting Challenges 


  Problem Solving Challenges


  One More or One Less Challenges 





   Autumn Pick and Mix


   Spring Pick and Mix


   Summer Pick and Mix 



Curriculum Information

   EYFS Framework 


  EYFS End of Year Expectations 

Additional Support Materials 



   Various Topics (Username - sch362 & Password - writing) 


   Alex Scheffler - Coronavirus Book for Children


   Burnley Football Club Activity Pack 


   Dyson Home Learning Science and Engineering Challenges 


   Lancashire SEND Newsletter 


Extra Support