Class 1 Information


Class Teacher

Mr. Sean Jackson






School Tel: 01282 616669             Email:




Please feel free to contact me with any questions and I will respond to you as soon as I can.



Teaching Assistant

Ms Carolyn Frost




In Class 1 activity bags are given out on a Friday and asked that they are returned the following Thursday.


Reading books will be changed twice a week. We ask that children have their reading books and reading records in their book back each day as we may do extra reading or change their books more often.


Useful Links

Please find some useful links below linked to the EYFS profile outcomes:

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Keeping Us Informed!


We love to hear from parents and children about what has been going on at home or any special events which have taken place! Please come and tell us or fill in one of our 'Wow! Whats Going on at Home' sheets and bring it in to school! That way if you have visited a zoo or been for a picnic at the park, we can share the experience in class and bring those ideas in to our learning!




Wow! Whats Going on at Home Sheet (Click Here)


Summer Holidays Home Learning Acitivities:

Farms (Click Here)

Journeys (Click Here)

Lets Party (Click Here)

A Bugs Life (Click Here)

A Knights Adventure (Click Here)

Cursive Writing 1 Practice (Click Here)

Cursive Writing 2 Practice (Click Here)