Class 1 Activities


Here is a small selection of websites available for parents to help with the understanding of the learning and development of your child during their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We have also included some useful websites for activities and resources to assist your child in their development and progression.



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Holiday Activities



Handwriting Practice - (Click Here

Pencil Control - fine motor skills (Click Here

Fine work Pencil Control - fine motor skills (Click Here

Abacus the Zone (Click Here)

Practise writing numbers

Count almost everything




Abacus the Zone (Click Here)


Hand Writing 

Cursive handwriting videos and sheets (Click Here)


Curriculum Information

Department for Education - Early Education and Child Care information (Click Here)

Foundation Years - Information and Framework for EYFS (Click Here)


Literacy Resources

First 100 High Frequency Word List (Click Here)

Next 200 High Frequency Words (Click Here)


Online Activities and Games

Phonics Play - Activities for Phonic Development (Click Here)

ICT Games - Activities for Literacy, Phonics & Mathematical Development (Click Here)

BBC EYFS - Various Online Resources and Games (Click Here)

IXL Maths - Activities for Numeracy (Click Here)

CrickWeb - Various Online Resources and Games (Click Here)

Primary Interactive - Various Online Resources and Games (Click Here)

KentNgfl - Various Online Resources and Game (Click Here)


Printable Resources

SparkleBox - Various Printable Resources (Click Here)

Communication4All - Various Printable Resources (Click Here)

Teacher's Pet - Various Printable Resources (Click Here)